Monday, February 7, 2011

Butterfly Stool

DRAFT Probably one of my most beautiful possessions, this stool designed by Sori Yamagi, has wonderful flowing forms that evoke the graceful flight and wingspan of a butterfly. I purchased this piece of decorative furniture a few years ago, back before it got really expensive, DRAFT

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fellowship of the Ring

This ingenious hybrid of a household key and the standard key ring - aptly named Keybrid - functions even better than it looks. Its distinctive, unusual form shows off it's main function clearly - ordinary keys can be attached to one of these eliminating the separate keyring. But there are other things hoing for it. upon wider use reveals it's advantages become clear. But even if you don't use it as a ring ( i don't - I use a single house key slipped into my wallet) it has several other advantages. The large hole in the center allows you to conveniently stick a finger inside and The wider diameter of the ring offers greater leverage when twisting, making a crisper clean experience. Feels very solidly made, even though it is fused

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bumble Bar Wrap

A colorful carnival of typography rolls across the wrappers of this line of healthy energy bars. Sporting a retro theme executed in a contemporary manner, this package evokes a joyful exuberance of a festive roadside attraction from days gone by. It instills a sense of fun and excitement that, to be frank, overstates the rather bland, healthy product within: a ho-hum combination of seeds mashed together in a bar that is neither soft nor crunchy. The product just doesn't live up to the joy depicted on the packaging.