Friday, September 2, 2011


I've been aware of several attempts Coca Cola has made over the years to make their namesake beverage stand out in a container more special than the standard vending machine can. Previous iterations have added swollen curves and flutes to the sides of the cans in an attempt to render some semblance of the iconic Coke bottle shape into aluminium but they have ended up looking bloated and forced.

Here's the most successful to date: — They've finally given up on the trying to make it a pop-top can and just stamped a whole screw-top bottle out of aluminium. Problem solved — Great product differentiation leveraging Coke's strong brand and vending machine capable (with some customization to allow for the taller form factor). Available in upscale markets for a hefty premium over that standard cans, these beverage containers are pure style — but they look cool and feel great in the hand. Not sure what Coca Cola has in mind as far as rolling out this new variant. I suspect the smaller size (250ml, 8.5 oz) will limit its widespread adoption, at least in the US.