Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sticky Green

I bought this Alessi tape dispenser about a decade ago. Made out of green translucent plastic, its smooth, rounded edges really invite you to pick it up and use it. The stubby "Y" shaped arms, while appearing as a bit of design whimsy are actually perfectly functional: they extend the tape out for you to easily grasp. And the rounded body makes it very comfortable to hold. But this is not one of those weighted desk tape dispensers where you can pull off a piece of tape with a couple of fingers. This does require both hands — you must pick it up to use it — which is completely fine for casual home use. And the roll is nicely sealed completely within the plastic housing, so you can just toss it in a drawer and not risk the grimy, gluey edge sticking to other things, like the standard Scotch® tape dispensers do. And yet it's easy enough to pop one edge off to replace the roll when you need to.

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